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Thursday, 12. June 2014
Kanye West Yeezus Cake: Kim Gives Kanye Awesome Bday Cake - Dbtechno
By bernardami, 18:51

According to a source close to West, We have no idea what this is. Its not coming from us. In addition to the art work that touts the albums release date as June 10, 2014, a Twitter handle was created in honor of the fake Kanye West album. The Twitter handle KWsNewTestament currently follows 878 people, which include news sites, and other various celebrities. As it is Kanye is only following one person on Twitter. Another example that points to this being a ruse is that during the blackout promotion of his album Yeezus main page Kanyes team didnt set up a separate Twitter handle for the album. In fact, it wasnt even promoted until weeks after the album came out.

Kanye West Dropping A New Album Called ?The New Testament?? Not So Fast

Despite West being away on work for his Yezzus tour, his wife gave him a surprise birthday cake and it was spectacular. The cake was composed of specially baked letters Y E Z Z U S to mark his current tour. In her birthday message, she cited West as her best friend on the entire planet. She continued to sing his praises citing his outlook on life as an inspiration and claimed he has changed her life in ways he cannot fathom. Wests new mother-in-law Kris Jenner sent him a birthday Instagram featuring a photograph of the two.

Kim Kardashian Wishes Husband, Kanye West, A Happy Birthday

The way you look at life inspires me! I love you so much!!! Kim K. also shared this photo of Kanyes Yeezus birthday cake: